Tori Tarver Watts
Co-Owner and Co-Founder

Prior to becoming a full-time real estate agent, Tori worked in the mortgage industry where she held several positions as a business banking specialist, loan officer, short sale/foreclosure expert, and mortgage underwriter. During her time in all positions she was consistently ranked in the top 1% in each position due to her competitive nature, hard work, and determination. And even today she is ranked in the top 5% of real estate agents in Utah.

Tori gained an insider’s knowledge of what it takes to get properties ready to sell and how important quality is to both corporate clients as well as the traditional seller. She has a long track record of taking care of the task at hand and doing it efficiently, leading team projects, building and maintaining client relationships, coaching colleagues, and securing new business.  Tori’s steady work ethic and upbeat attitude have helped her to excel in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Our forward-thinking team is very intentional to ensure we are putting our clients in the best position to succeed.

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